1. Pattaya Beach

A trip to Pattaya is never complete without a visit to the vibrant Pattaya Beach and the peppy Beach Road. This 4 km long crescent shaped coast is more than mere sun and sand. There are a number of thrilling water sports that you could try out or enjoy the zesty seafood at the shops and restaurants on the shore. Exercise absolute caution while renting a jet ski at the beaches in Pattaya to avoid falling prey to any scam.

2. Jomtien BEACH

Commonly known as Chom Thian by the local Thai people, Jomtien Beach is one of the most happening beaches in Pattaya. If you love getting sun-kissed, enjoy water sports and revel in taking long strolls breathing in the unique smell of the sea, Jomtien Beach which is aesthetically fringed by trees is sure to enthral you. This 6 km long beach is surrounded by high-rise apartments and numerous restaurants that make this beach a perfect place to hang out with friends and family on evenings.

3. Koh Larn Beach

With its nearly transparent water, sparkling white sand, and exciting water sports, Koh Larn Beach is one of the prettiest beaches in Pattaya encircling a charming island. Accessed by a 15-minute ferry ride, Koh Larn beach has immense scenic wonders and is mostly visited by honeymoon couples for a romantic date. The Koh Larn Island itself is one of the most romantic places to visit in Pattaya for honeymoon.

4. Wong Amat Beach

Wongamat Beach in Pattaya is undeniably one of the well-kept beaches in Pattaya where the sand is convincingly clean but coarse. Nestled in one of the finest parts of Pattaya, the beach is less-crowded that makes it ideal of holidaying – for building some amazing sand castle with kids or for a romantic long walk with your special one. Sun lounge chairs are available for rent and there are some fine dining options as the Rim Talay for Thai food at the beach.

5. Bang Saen Beach

Located at a stretch of about 2.5 kilometres along the Eastern Gulf Coast of Thailand, Bangsaen Beach is one of the coolest Pattaya beaches for a fun-filled time with family. You could stroll around, get your feet wet and swim and enjoy a delectable Thai cuisine in the local restaurants along the shore. You could visit the shops around and hire sun-lounge chairs and swimming rigs. The Laem Tape Cape at the end of the park is a huge tourist attraction here. Visit this place during the Wan Lai festival that comes after Songkran to enjoy the beach in its full glory.

6. Dong Tan Beach

Dong Tan Beach is located between Jomtien Beach and Pattaya South and is one of the few less crowded beaches in Pattaya. The sand is clean and golden and the clear blue ocean looks alluring with palm trees in the background. The beach has a number of bars and a separate gay section. While there a number of Thai massage parlours on the shore, don’t be surprised to see pedicurists right on the beach beside you ready to offer service. Location: 311-2 Thappraya Rd, Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri.

7. Tawaen Beach

The beach is a hidden gem in Koh Larn Island with white sands and crystal clear waters. You could enjoy the countless water activities here or enjoy a laid back day lounging in the sun and flaunting your tanned skin. This scenic beach is full of shops selling souvenirs like handicrafts made from seashells, T-shirts, and many others. The beach has a good number of decent restaurants serving international cuisine that makes it one of the most frequented beaches in Pattaya.

8. Bamboo Beach

Bamboo Beach is one of the “not-much-known” Pattaya beaches and hence it is void of the maddening tourist crowds that you come across in other beaches around Pattaya. The Bamboo beach stretches in the Gulf and hence there are not many waves here. The beach is also cleaner than its peers making it absolutely pleasurable to soak in the bright sun. There are also a restaurant and a cafe at the beach serving delicious Thai food.

9. Naklua Beach

Naklua which translates to ‘salt fields’ in Thai is a picturesque fishing village, popularly known for its pristine Naklua Beach. Being one of the secluded and well-kept beaches in Pattaya in the northern part of Greater Pattaya, Nakula Beach is a perfect respite for a weekend getaway or for a chilled-out time amidst the beach hop tour. Do not miss trying some lip-smacking seafood cooked right from the local fresh catch at the restaurants around the coastline.

10. Coral Island

Fringed by glistening white sanded beaches and alluring warm, turquoise waters, the Coral Islands (also known as Koh Larn) is one of the most beautiful beaches in Pattaya. The beach is a Heaven on Earth to enjoy a relaxed time by swimming in the clear waters of the sea or by lazing around at the shore gorging on a delectable Thai cuisine on a sunny day. Indulge in the thrilling water activities at the beach that could make your heart skip a beat!