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Ko Phra Thong: Where You’ll Find Thailand’s Tranquil, Calm Beaches

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Written by Zarin Tasnim

June 21, 2020

Since phra thong means golden Buddha in Thai, people for centuries have gone in search of the mythical treasure that legend claims to be buried on Ko Phra Thong, but to no avail. Nowadays, the locals mostly live off fishing and harvesting cashews in the small, rural villages around the island.

What Makes Ko Phra Thong Unique

If you’re visiting Thailand and looking for vast stretches of undeveloped beaches without masses of people, then look no further than the island of Ko Phra Thong. Unlike any landscape you’ll witness elsewhere in Southeast Asia, Ko Phra Thong has an inland savannah that resembles Africa much more than the lush, mountainous landscapes that you’re accustomed to seeing in Thailand. And while it’s worth a bike or motorcycle trip inland to witness the sand lizards and amazing birdlife, the island’s real beauty lies in untouched beaches and peaceful atmosphere of the island.

What to Expect on Ko Phra Thong 


You’ll notice that the majority of Ko Phra Thong’s infrastructure is fairly new, and that’s because the 2004 tsunami did significant damage to the villages on the island. Since then, mostly the northern end of the island has been developed into resorts and other accommodations. Even so, Ko Phra Thong remains a relatively off-the-radar attraction on the Thailand circuit. 

Most people arrive by boat to the island at the pier in Lions Village, at the very northern tip. While there are some homestay options available in Lions Village, most people opt to stay at the little resorts a few kilometers south of town. On less inhabited islands, it’s usually a smart idea to book or make reservations in advance, that way you can arrange to have someone from the resort pick you up to avoid potential hassles.

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