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Long Beach

Koh Lanta | Beach in Thailand

Long Beach, Koh Phi Phi

A beautiful, peaceful beach that’s still in walking distance of the action in Tonsai Village – Koh Phi Phi’s Long Beach is the best of both worlds.

Long Beach boasts some of the softest and whitest sand on the islands. Facing south west it also has excellent snorkeling direct from the beach.

Around 200 metres from the beach there’s a rock just breaking the surface of the water called Shark Point where you can see black tip reef sharks, some of them over a metre long.

It is near enough to Tonsai village to be convenient. At night time Long Beach is pleasantly quiet although the distant rumble of techno and drum and bass drifts across the water, although it shouldn’t be too disturbing. One can walk there but the way is rocky, so it is often easier to get a boat especially at night.

Best Time to Visit Long Beach

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The Long Beach in Phi Phi is a great destination for holidaymaking round the year. But, the best time to visit the place is during the months between late November and early April. During this time of the year the region experiences less rainfall and the climate is sunny and pleasant. If you do suddenly get an urge to fling yourself about and screech a lot whilst guzzling cheap alcohol from a lurid plastic bucket, you are only a short boat ride away from Tonsai village and all that it offers.

If you want to enjoy water sports in Long Beach, the ideal time is during the months between January and April. The months between December and February are ideal for sightseeing and touring the various places of interest around Long Beach. For those who want to spend a secluded vacation at the seaside, choose the shoulder time i.e. the months between May till October when Thailand experiences rainfall and the prominent places are less crowded by visitors.

What Not to Miss at Long Beach

There is a plethora of activities you can embark on this Asian paradise which fairly boasts of its turquoise oceans, idyllic seascapes, rocky cliffs and shimmering beaches. Here is a list of the best things you can do at Long Beach:

1. Tour in a long tailed boat- In a 6 hour’s excursion in a long tailed boat you can witness the spectacular sight of the crimson rays of the setting sun in the tranquil waters. The stopovers are at Money Bay, Mosquito Island, Tonsai Village, Maya Bay and Bamboo Island where you can shop and swim for a few hours. The boat accommodates four people together for a single trip.

2. Hike to A Lo Dalam- One of the best ways to explore the stunning bays near Long Beach is by a 30 minutes’ hike to the southern end of A Lo Dalam. The place offers a stunning sight of a tranquil sandy bay skimming the turquoise waters where you can relax for a while after the long hike.

3. Snorkelling at Hat Yai- Snorkelling at Long Beach has to be in your itinerary if you are visiting the place for one day. You can explore the exotic marine life including black tipped sharks and clown fish as you swim through the crystal waters of Phi Phi Island. It is an exciting water sport for any adventure lover in one of the best seaside destinations of the world.

4. Kayaking around Koh Phi Phi- Kayaking is one such activity on a Long Beach trip you must count on. Glide through the calm emerald waters and reach out to the secluded islands and Viking Caves that are unreachable on land route. There are some resorts that organise kayaking trip for you at a cost of around 700 Bahts per day. You can gear up your kayaking experience one step ahead by water skiing and paddle boat rides at a cost of 150 Bahts per day.

5. Experience the magic of healing therapy- Thai Spa has a worldwide acclaim for its magical therapeutic effect and you must take a chance to visit the Serenity Spa at the Saladan Village. Laying in a relaxing ambiance you can enjoy a healing massage by the proficient therapists. After the session you can enjoy tea and fruits sitting on the deck and appreciate the tranquil beauty of the sea.

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Travelers’ Tip for visiting Long Beach


Long Beach is an amazing beachside destination for those who can make the most of it. Here are some of the best insider tips for you to make your trip comfortable and easy:

1. Carry your essentials such as sarongs/bikinis, beach hat, torch, personal medicines, first aid kit, sunscreen, hiking shoes, power bank, rehydration sachets and scarves ( if you are visiting the temples you need to cover your head).

2. Carry Visa and other daily expenses.

3. If you are travelling solo, avoid going to the isolated areas of the Long Beach or roam around insufficiently lit areas.

4. Do not get heavily drunk nor leave your drink unattended.

5. While trying some new dish let the waiter know if you are a vegetarian or you are allergic to any specific food.

6. Using a fork while eating is considered a route in dining etiquette. Fork is mainly used for pushing the food to your spoon.