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Explore Phang Nga: The Province Just North of Phuket

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Written by Zarin Tasnim

June 21, 2020

If you’re spending a couple of days in Phang Nga from Phuket or even staying for a week, there are plenty of activities, hikes, boat rides, and excursions to partake in. This Southern Thailand province has everything, from mountains, cliffs, caves, beaches, and waterfalls.

Phang Nga Bay


Phang Nga Bay is the biggest attraction in the area, and the benefit of staying so close in Phang Nga means you can wake up early and beat the crowds coming from Phuket. Within Phang Nga Bay lies James Bond Island, or locally called Koh Tapu, one of the most iconic islands in the world, you’ve probably seen in postcards or Instagram photos. Boat trips are also significantly cheaper from Phang Nga than from Phuket, Krabi, or Koh Phi Phi.

Floating Village of Koh Panyee

Also in Phang Nga Bay you have Koh Panyee, the floating village anchored to the rocky shore, where you can meander around on wooden walkways and check out how the locals go about their daily lives in such a unique setting. The village even has an impressive mosque, school, shops, and floating football pitch!

Explore the Sea Caves

If you’re getting bored of relaxing on Phuket beaches, you need to check out the canoeing trips in Phang Nga Bay through caves and lagoons. You can experience a spectacular natural light show of fireflies against the glistening reflection while floating through turquoise blue waters. You can also spot entertained monkeys on the shore that occasionally hop into canoes for short rides.

Hike to Waterfalls Around Phang Nga

With a total of four National Parks within the province of Phang Nga, you have so many hikes and waterfalls to choose from. Lampi Waterfall and Raman Waterfall Forest Park are some of the favorites that include swimming holes, well-kept walkways, and lush rainforest.

Only a short bus ride from Phuket, Phang Nga has everything an outdoor enthusiast can ever ask for!

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